Why you do not accept paypal ?

Paypal is not approved in my country. So we cannot receive money from outside through Paypal.

To get started please put your site content in a word document. Content includes your branding materials, images, and text that will be used on the website.



Can you please describe your website design service ?

  1. Domain 
  2. SSL 
  3. Hosting 
  4. Theme: free / Premium
  5. You will get a custom email for your domain like mail@domain.com
  6. I will submit the site in google search console so people can find your website by google search.
  7. Add website Favicon.
  8. Call to action button at the top bar
  9. Google analyst to track visitors
  10. Maintain a specific color code for the website that goes with your logo color or you can suggest your color choice
  11. I will provide copyright-free pictures for your website
  12. Per year (from second year) you have a cost of 60 USD for the domain, hosting and SSL fee 
  13. My payment method is Payonee
  14. You can pay in a package , so you don't need to pay for domain, hosting and theme. 
  15. I will take 50 USD before completing the task and the rest after completing the project.

Do you provide on-going maintenance?

Depending on how large or small the change is, but I'll always be here to help you maintain and update your website as required!

Will website be Responsive ?

Yes. Website will be 100% responsive.

Can I See An Example?

Sure just message me. I don't publish my clients information in public. You can also take my website as an example because I completed the website (website + graphics) myself.

How Much Does A Website Cost?

My Cost depends on the work that you want and also how fast you need it.

Do I Design and Develop with DIVI?

Yes i use DIVI for designs on request.

Do I help with tutorial/direction on how to manage your website and make changes yourself?

Yes I will provide you directions to managing your website and i can help you with edits if you have any trouble.